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Guerilla Style Video Demo

Posted on : 16-03-2011 | By : Carol Gancia | In : Inspiring Videos

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We all want to shave off a few hundred or even thousand dollars here and there when launching our ad campaign for our businesses. With user-generated content entertaining a growing online audience, many have been inspired in the last couple of years to either create their own promotional videos or turn to people who claim they can do a great job for $2,000 or less– all included.  Putting your name and product out there through a video is always a good idea in spite of any creative and technical limitations of a super low or no budget project. If you can’t afford it yet and you think you’re crafty enough, make your own. It’s a start. Once you have a bit more room in your budget, go ahead and hire the best video producer you can afford. Your customers will reward you.

Check out this simple but effective video from Dropbox.com about “your magic pocket” for inspiration.


Biz Tip #4: Tell A Story.

Posted on : 04-03-2011 | By : Carol Gancia | In : Biz Tips

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Ever wondered what it takes to create a successful video demo without breaking the bank?

You’re launching a new cloud-based product. You think it’s the next big thing to hit the competitive social media market. You know you need a product demo video to get people excited about it. And you want it to be better than the last one you did for your first release. What will make it better? You’re not quite sure.

My two cents. Think about all the amazing youtube videos you’ve shared with friends and colleagues in the last couple of years. Why did you like them so much that you had to share them? Was it because there was an amazing video transition that blew your mind during the first few seconds of playing it? Was it the music? Or, was it the special effects and animation in the middle? These are icing to the cake. Good to have once we have a great-tasting cake. The cake is your story. Telling a good story is key in keeping your viewers glued to the screen. Many a beginning video producer sometimes gets wrapped up in the icing. Gently remind them about what matters.

It’s always about the story.

Customers Can Tell The Difference.

Posted on : 11-12-2010 | By : Carol Gancia | In : Featured, Video Producer Chronicles

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Once upon a time, some segments of your video audience could not tell the difference between well-produced and amateur promotional videos. There just weren’t enough promotional videos, video demos and sizzle reels showing up on their inbox and search results. Today, promotional videos are everywhere.  Thanks to YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove and other professional video distribution platforms, people can now tell the difference.

The days of producing tech videos that look like they were shot by your high school classmate are losing their appeal. People are realizing that well-produced videos do one important thing. It helps the audience focus on the message and not the jarring cuts, low lighting level, shaky shots and out-of-control music that’s a few decibels higher than what’s legal.

Check out this promotional video produced to introduce Adwords Call Metrics to mid-sized and large businesses. Google wanted the video to be “googley,” professional and appealing to their target audience.

I, along with colleagues and friends Jesse Eisenhardt and  Anders Osterballe went all over the bay area, filming in Downtown San Francisco, Downtown San Jose, Mountain View and Brisbane. Shot on a Canon7D and animated using Adobe AfterEffects by Manuel Abady, this project was a lot of fun to work on. It is used as a main launch support vehicle for Google’s new product: Adwords Call Metrics. Adwords assigns a phone number to your online business campaign which allows you to track the success of each campaign through the call results.

Curious about production, the talent or anything at all? Drop us a line.

Keeping It Local

Posted on : 09-06-2010 | By : Carol Gancia | In : Video Producer Chronicles

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I love technology and enjoy supporting entrepreneurs! I produced this video late last year, and it remains to be one of my favorite projects. It’s called “Local Places For Mobile.”

This mobile application feature lets you star search results on Google maps in your computer and have them automatically show up on your smartphone. It also lets you conveniently search local businesses on your phone.  Check out this charming video with Josh, product manager for Google Mobile Local Search.