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“Look, Ma! No Hands” at Botsquare

Posted on : 02-04-2011 | By : Carol Gancia | In : Video Producer Chronicles, Video Technology

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One of the perks of producing videos for tech start-ups is the excitement of trying out the latest technology before it hits the market. We had great fun working with Botsquare, a new vision technology start-up based in Menlo Park, California. We absolutely loved using neat hand gestures to play, pause, rewind and forward our favorite Hulu movies and iTunes music. We are so excited about the possibilities of this new technology and are psyched about the opportunity to work on a cool promotional video with Botsquare. Our lean and mean Layaco Media team: Carol Gancia – Producer/Director/Editor, Daniel Ogawa – Writer, Andrew Bender – Cinematographer, Anders Osterballe – Gaffer, Bradley Johnson – Gaming Engineer by day/Actor by night, Navneet Dalal & Priyanka Rana – our fab clients and fabulous provider of all the props used during the shoot.

Finally. No more popcorn debris and greasy fingerprints on my keyboard whenever I watch my favorite movie online! Let us know what you think.

Biz Tip #4: Tell A Story.

Posted on : 04-03-2011 | By : Carol Gancia | In : Biz Tips

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Ever wondered what it takes to create a successful video demo without breaking the bank?

You’re launching a new cloud-based product. You think it’s the next big thing to hit the competitive social media market. You know you need a product demo video to get people excited about it. And you want it to be better than the last one you did for your first release. What will make it better? You’re not quite sure.

My two cents. Think about all the amazing youtube videos you’ve shared with friends and colleagues in the last couple of years. Why did you like them so much that you had to share them? Was it because there was an amazing video transition that blew your mind during the first few seconds of playing it? Was it the music? Or, was it the special effects and animation in the middle? These are icing to the cake. Good to have once we have a great-tasting cake. The cake is your story. Telling a good story is key in keeping your viewers glued to the screen. Many a beginning video producer sometimes gets wrapped up in the icing. Gently remind them about what matters.

It’s always about the story.