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Biz Tip #1: Keep It Simple.

Posted on : 01-03-2011 | By : Carol Gancia | In : Biz Tips

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You’re running a tech start-up. You just received your first or second wave of funding. You decide to use a portion of it to revamp your website and create a professional-looking video demo.

As you plan the concept and structure behind these two important elements to your marketing campaign, you get excited. You want it to make the strongest impact possible as it’s often a customer’s first exposure to your branding. You think about the many bells and whistles you can add to your site and video idea to maximize its impact. As you go through the brainstorming process, try to remember that your site visitors and viewers are inundated with loads of information on the web. They often do not have time to sift through the cool and hip layers of packaging we sometime think of doing. Capture their attention quickly and deliver the message before losing them. Three words. Keep it simple.

Technology has advanced so rapidly in the last 20 years but the same old principles apply to much of what we do. Keeping your video and website simple still makes for a successful campaign.

Remember. More is not better. More often than not, it is just clutter.