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We know she loves to blog but… just who the heck is Carol Gancia?

Photo by Angelina Cantada

Carol Gancia is a SF Bay Area video and TV producer who is mad about video… so mad that she has been doing it since 1993. Carol enjoys working on award-winning television shows ranging from documentaries to talk shows as well as promotional videos about Silicon Valley’s latest and greatest. During her stint as a television producer, she received three Emmys and a NY Festival silver medal which she carefully keeps away from harmful uv rays in her cozy office space. She has also had the opportunity to work as a full time video producer at Google where she produced over 100 web videos for popular cloud products like Gmail, Chrome and Google Earth.

Carol loves to do two things: inspire people and share new technology. She couldn’t have found a better match in her work.

When Carol’s not blogging, she’s off producing promotional videos for the tech industry and inspiring documentary shorts about people who cause a positive ripple effect in the community.