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Where Video Producers Go In April

Posted on : 27-03-2011 | By : Carol Gancia | In : Video Producer Chronicles, Video Technology

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I like filling up on the latest TV and video technology and exploring how I can offer it to my favorite tech clients. I also always try to pick up a few tips here and there for an efficient production work flow. The smoother the work flow, the better experience my clients and production team will have.

I first heard about the National Association of Broadcasters or N.A.B. Convention in 1995.

Photo by Bryan Wilson

“You have to go at least once,” this is what senior media colleagues used to tell me back when I was 23 with only 2 years of media experience. I was excited about learning more and meeting other people like me from all over. It would have been a great way to network and educate myself about the latest technology advances in my industry. Somehow, it took 14 media-filled years before I finally came to visit, and when I did, my whole idea of media globalization changed. It was April, 2009. Everyone was there, from your media executive in rural mid-America to your news anchor in far-flung Asian and African cities, listening to talks, participating in workshops and sharing their own experiences about working in their part of the world.  After that trip, I endearingly decided to call it the international video producer’s journey of a lifetime.

N.A.B. is the premiere trade association of broadcasters all over the world. It started in 1922 and represents more than 900 television stations and almost 5,000 radio stations. It also speaks in conjunction with, and on behalf of major broadcasting networks in the United States, and represents the interests, both domestic and international, of 7,500 members from the radio and television industry. Headquartered in Washington DC, they are very influential in shaping the American and International media landscape.

This April, video professionals from all over the world will pack their bags, fly, drive and walk once again to the biggest television, video and radio convention in the world. Hotels, restaurants and pedestrian bridges in Las Vegas will be jammed with camera people, editors, filmmakers, TV and radio journalists, TV engineers, media marketing professionals and media corporation executives all excited about the latest tech buzz in the TV, radio and video world. I’m excited to be one of them.

Check out our post about the 2011 NAB conference event soon.

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